Viadrina Model United Nations

Viadrina Model United Nations

Who are we?

The Group

Since 2012, ViaMUN is a registered non-profit organisation. The group came together in 2006 after the first MUN in 2005. We are the Europe University Viadrina's student group for international politics and the UN. Thus, we are associated to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Neyer’s Chair of European and International Politics.

There are constantly new students in our rows who want to engage in our student association. If you want to support or even join us, please contact us any time!

The Board

Three of our members take profounder care of association matters: Our Board. The three members of the board are responsible for Internal Affairs, External Affairs and Finances.

The member of the board responsible for Internal Affairs is our manager for communication inside the organisation, supports activities and supervises schedules. The member for External Affairs is our spokesperson to the “outside world”. This includes mail-contacts as well as contact to the press. Finally, the member of the board responsible for Finances keeps track of our financial situation and manages our bank-account. This includes fundraising.

What we do

Apart from our MUN conferences, we organize panel discussions, presentations, movie evenings, do “Mock-MUNs” and whatever-we-can-imagine. For more information, you might want to give our website's section on recent activities a look.

Join us!

If you would like to join just come to our next meeting, our every-semester information evening, write an e-mail to us or whatever! We welcome everyone who wants to get involved with ViaMUN!

Your membership fee of € 5,– per semester helps us organising the talks, lectures, social evenings and of course the ViaMUN conference. You can, of course, participate in all these activities from beginning to end and give it your personal touch. Also, you will learn a lot about international politics, international relations, project management and much more. Many members found by planning and conducting our events, so your time will be best invested!