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ViaMUN 2017 – Application

By sending this form, you apply for participation in the Viadrina Model United Nations Conference 2017. Please note that we base our decision whether you will participate or not as well as the choice which country you will represent on your letter of motivation. We basically want to know: Why you are interested in the UN and/or international politics, why you want to participate in ViaMUN 2017 and why you are qualified for your chosen countries.
Students applying as a team are required to fill in separate applications while naming their respective partner in the indicated field.
Application will be open till 30th April, 2017.

Personal Info


We need this information to properly identify you as well as to know if and under which conditions you can apply for ECTS points. Here you can find an overview of the possibilities to get ECTS.

There is a fixed set of possible ECTS you can apply for, depending on your faculty and field of study (Erasmus students at the Viadrina choose from one of the options above according to their faculty/study programme. This is defined by the university, not by us! Therefore, we cannot provide any exceptions for course assessments! Sorry.

Application to ViaMUN 2017

If you want to apply as a team, please make sure that both you and your partner send us an application. We use this field only to associate you with your partner and vice-versa!

Your preferences tell us which countries you wish to represent. The final decision will be that of our team.
Please note that the permanent members are quite popular choices. Therefore, it is wise to choose at least one, best two non-permanent members or guests – doing so will increase your chance to get a country you can sympathize with.
With your preclusion, you can tell us which country you want to represent the least. We will try to keep that into account, too.

If you apply together with a partner, please make sure both you and your partner make identical choices here!

Please note that this is a fictional setup and not the actual composure of the UNSC in 2017.

Administrative Points

Please note:


viamun -at- europa-uni -dot- de